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A project to allow underprivileged Goan women to earn an income by growing and selling fruits & vegetables.

Farm Project

The Story

Due to the current pandemic situation, the resulting loss of jobs and the need for locally sourced food, the Goa Sudharop Farm Project attempts to allow under-privileged Goan women to grow organic food/produce in an eco-friendly manner and earn an income as Goa tries to restore its neglected agricultural sector and meet its current need. 


The Farm Project was launched in Orlim in partnership with Mrs. Zita D’Mello on 1,000 square meters of her land and with 5 women growing vegetables. With the success of the project, Mrs. Zita D’Mello offered the use of another 1,000 square meters to accommodate the increasing demand of women who are interested and in need of work.  An additional plot of land in Carmona offered by Mrs. Braganza is also being cultivated by 7 other women. 

The land is offered free of cost to be cultivated by the women while the owner retains all legal title to the land. Goa Sudharop provides the seeds, eco-friendly and organic fertilizers, tools and other expense. The produce generated is then sold by the women at local bazaars, and they keep the proceeds.

Goa Sudharop has also engaged the help of an expert from the Agricultural Department who will later train women in hydroponics cultivation which will be adapted to Goa.
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