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About Us


To promote the sustainable development of Goa and the advancement of Goans.
To allow Goans to fully get involved in the development of their homeland.
To help found a corps of volunteers to work and contribute their talents for the human and economic betterment of Goans.
To support groups with special needs such as women, children, village and underprivileged groups of Goan society.

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who we are


Goa Sudharop is a Goan diaspora volunteer non-profit organization based in California working for the betterment of Goa and Goans worldwide since 2000.  With our mission always in mind, we work tirelessly to improve the lives of individuals from all walks of life, and we encourage Goans to fully get involved in the development of their homeland.  Our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need and provide resources for people to become empowered individuals with the ability to chase their dreams and use the tools they need to build the life they want. 

At Goa Sudharop, we are dedicated to supporting individuals through our various initiatives and are committed to working together to make difference.  We welcome Goans of all castes, religion, gender, beliefs, and the LGBTIQ2S community, and offer everyone our love and support in their quest for respect, inclusion and search for identity.   We oppose all discrimination and the unjust and unequal treatment of any group based on these human differences. 

Goa Sudharop welcomes diverse members in the community on our Board and as volunteers.  We invite one and all to join Goa Sudharop and work for the common good of all Goans, to help us in preserving our Goan identity, heritage, and culture, and to save the rich environmental and natural resources of Goa for future generations.


Filomena Giese & George Pinto


Dr. Santosh Helekar (USA)

Dr. Suraj Kamat (USA)


Harriet Ferens, President

Marilyn Barnes, Vice President

Raissa DeMay, Secretary

Andrea Balasuriya, Treasurer

Dr Ligia Giese, Board Member


Verma D’Mello, Executive Director

Fatima D’Souza, Treasurer & Trustee

Vaikunth Pundalik Fondekar, Trustee

Dr Sarvesh Savant, Trustee

Zita D’Mello, Trustee

Cynthia, Volunteers

Morris, Volunteers

Otillia, Volunteers

Olga Rego, Volunteers

Perpetual, Volunteers

Otilia, Volunteers

Adv Cynthia, Volunteers

Dr joleen, Volunteers

Ayesha sheik, Volunteers

Adv Anita, Volunteers

Valent, Volunteers

Moris, Volunteers

Blossom, Volunteers


*Providing pro-bono services to Goans in need

Dr. Arvind Almeida – Pediatrician
Dr. Austin Cabral – Physiotherapist

Dr. Devdutt Sail – Covid Advisor

Dr. Nikita Madkaikar – Dental Surgeon

Dr. R.N. Madkaikar – Gynecologist

Dr. Sarvesh Savant – Ophthalmologist


Shawna Ferens

Erum D’mello

Crislyn Duarte